Skydive Fort Wayne, Inc.

Where: Angola Tri-State Airport
US Hwy. 20 West
Angola, IN 46703 US

GPS: -85.0834933 / 41.6396983
Phone: 800-379-3340

Aircraft: 1 Cessna 182
Skydive Fort Wayne, Inc.
Tandem, IAD, SL
Full-service DZ for students and experienced jumpers. Modern student rental gear with square reserves and Cypres. Experienced RW jumpers include several record holders for coaching and organizing. Frequent multi-plane formation loads. Successful mix of up-and-coming skydivers and experienced skydivers. Everyone welcome. Heated indoor packing area. Conveniently located five minutes from East-West Toll Road and two minutes from Interstate 69.
Videographers, Camping, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Organizers, Packing Services
Nearest Hotel
1 mile