5 New Skydiver Questions

  1. How high does the plane go?
    For a tandem jump will climb to at 8,000 to 14,000 feet. Many dropzones fly to 10,000 feet. While it may seem like you aren’t getting your money’s worth if you only go to 10,000 feet instead of 14,000. In reality, the extra 4,000 feet is about 22 second of freefall time and not noticeable to new skydivers. You are better off finding a drop zone that meets all of your needs rather than one that flies few thousand feet higher.
  2. Will I get sick?
    Probably not. Skydiving and parachuting isn’t very nauseating. Occasionally people get queasy when turning the parachute. If you easily get nauseous on roller coasters tell your tandem instructor. They will fly the parachute to minimize turning.
  3. How much does a tandem skydive cost?
    The price varies from about $185 to $235. Some drop zones give a discount for weekday jumps. When asking the drop zone about the price inquire about group discounts, weekday discounts or any other discounts.
  4. What are the risks of skydiving?
    Obviously, skydiving is dangerous. When you get to the drop zone, you’ll be required to sign a waver that will acknowledge that you could die or be seriously injured skydiving. There are approximately 3 million skydives are made each year with few resulting in injury. Consider the risks and discuss your concerns with your tandem instructor or drop zone.
  5. What should I wear to make a tandem skydive?
    The short answer is to wear comfortable clothes. For more information see a complete list of what to wear skydiving.