Raeford Parachute Center

Where: PK Airpark
143 Airport Dr.
Raeford, NC 28376 US

GPS: -79.1910039 / 35.0198597
Phone: 910-904-0000
Email: jumpraeford@aol.com

Aircraft: 1 Cessna 182, 1 PAC 750 XL, 1 Twin Otter
Raeford Parachute Center
AFF, Tandem, IAD, SL
Offering first jump courses that include wind tunnel training, multiple team rooms, multiple team rooms, over 40 rental rigs, a full time restaurant and bar, a full time rigging loft and a well rounded multi discipline jumping atmosphere.
Videographers, Food, RV Hookups, Camping, Showers, Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services, Organizers, Swoop Pond, Packing Services
Nearest Hotel
5 miles