Pennsylvania Skydiving U Corp

Where: Mifflin County Airport
547 Airport Rd.
Reedsville, PA 17084 US

GPS: -77.6268333 / 40.6773889
Phone: 866-BLU-SKYS

Aircraft: 1 Cessna 182
Pennsylvania Skydiving U Corp
AFF, Tandem, IAD
Small, growing DZ in Central Pennsylvania on the excellent Mifflin County Airport facility. Added for 2006 is a wide-body Cessna 182 with a 280 hp. high-performance engine, allowing jumps from 12,000 ft. Rigger, videographer, and AFF instructor on staff. State College activities, entertainment and nightlife a half-hour away.
Gear Sales/Rental, Rigging Services
Nearest Hotel
2 miles