Skydiving In Rhode Island

Dreaming of skydiving in Rhode Island? Well, you have one choice. If that dropzone doesn’t suit your needs or if you want more options, look just across the border. There are other dropzones within driving range. Skydive Newport is actually between Newport and Portsmouth and close to Middletown. All dropzones aren’t open all year due to the weather. Call ahead and make a reservation with your preferred dropzone. If you grab a few of your family or friends you may qualify for a group discount. There are restrictions with discounts. Make sure you get all of the details when you call.

Remember to ask about video services to record the jump. You might not think so but you’ll want to watch the jump over and over and show it to friends. Also, don’t forget to get a t-shirt. Most dropzones sell a shirt to commemorate the jump. It’s a cheap way to show the world that your a skydiver!

Skydiving in Rhode Island

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