Skydiving In Alabama

Live in Alabama or want to go skydiving in AL? There are two USPA certified drop zones in Alabama. For the safest skydive, be sure to pick a USPA dropzone.

If this will be your first skydive, you’ll likely want to research tandem skydives. This is the most popular way to learn about the world of skydiving. At many drop zones you can make an Accelerated Freefall skydive on your first jump. This requires much more training and higher cost.

Skydiving In Alabama

Skydiving Near AL

Skydiving Tips

  • Were comfortable clothes.
  • Wear or bring sneakers.
  • Get an introduction to skydiving.
  • Buy the video. It’s usually about $99 but worth it.
  • Get a good night sleep on the night before.

If for some reason skydiving isn’t for you. Not everyone wants to go skydiving. Seems odd, that you wouldn’t but if you don’t, checkout other outdoor activities in Alabama.