Skydiving In Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas and so is Skydiving in Texas. There are many dropzones that are open year round. Review the list below, there’s one that will suit your needs and is likely close to you. If you are looking to skydive in Dallas, Houston, Austin, or just about anywhere else, there are great USPA certified dropzones listed below.

Here’s what you need to know:
1) It’s cost around $200, sometimes more sometimes less. Playing more isn’t necessarily safer or better than paying less. 2) Consider getting the video service to record the jump. It’ll cost around $99 3) You likely want to make a tandem skydive. If you want an AFF jump, you’ll at $100 or more to the price. 4) Tandem training is about 20 minutes while AFF is about 6 hours. 5) Plan on being at the dropzone for half a day. 6) The weather conditions could delay your jump.

That’s about it. Make a reservation and have fun! You are only going to make your first skydive once, make it memorable.

Skydiving in Texas

Skydive Near TX