Best Time To Go Skydiving?

For avid skydivers the only answer to that question is “when the door of the plane is open”. Ask any regular skydiver and they’d admit that there are better times of the year to go skydiving. Going Skydiving In the Spring The mornings are cool, the afternoons are warm, what else could you ask for? […]

Skydive Superior

Freefall OZ Skydiving Center

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Santa Cruz Skydiving / Skydive Surf City

Santa Cruz Skydiving / Skydive Surf City Videos Phil from San Jose Skydives the coast with Skydive Surfcity in SantaCruz Barbara jumps out of plane onto the beach with Skydive Surfcity!

Perris Valley Skydiving

Perris Valley Skydiving Videos PAUL SHEEHAN TO THE DARKSIDE BROVENTURES: SKYDIVING OUT OF SHARKS! PERRIS 60 WAY EXIT First tandem skydive Danielle’s info punapharmacy 311 РIndecent Exposure sunset jump The Joshinator in the Wind Tunnel

Opelika Skydiving Association

Opelika Skydiving AssociationVideos Having Fun at Skydive Opelika Sitfly Skydive Opelika Skydiving on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon 4-Way Skydive