Skydiving In Utah

Skydiving In Utah is uniquely scenic and something everyone should try. There are three dropzones in UT and other in surrounding states. Check all of them to find the one that’s closest to you. You might be asking yourself, why skydive? For most people the answer is to mark it off their bucket list but there’s better reasons than that. Skydiving isn’t an experience you can explain, you have to experience it. Imagine falling straight down for about a minute at 120 MPH…nearly two miles. It’s a heck of a thrill.

Look at each of the dropzones below and decide where you want to jump. Call and make a reservation, it’s that easy. Ask about schedule, jump requirements, video services, and about pricing. Most dropzones are within $25 of $200 for a tandem skydive.

Skydiving in Utah

Skydive Near UT